A rich concentration of coffee taste and aroma.


Espresso with whipped cream.


Served with equal parts of steamed milk and foam.


Espresso served with steamed milk topped with a small amount of foam.

* Mocha

A latte flavored with Ghiradelli chocolate. Ask for whipped cream!

* Theo Latte

An 8 ounce Latte with two shots of Espresso. Thick and nice.


Espresso with hot water to make a full, smooth cup of coffee.

* Sludge Cup

Espresso added to any of our brewed coffees. A real eye opener.

* Wake-Up Call

Toddy, Espresso and Secret Ingredient.

Hot Chai

A dreamy herbal blend.

* Chaider

Chai with Apple Cider.

* Chai Charger

Chai and a shot of Espresso.


Steamed milk and a shot of flavor added. A non-coffee specialty.

Hot Chocolate

Steamed milk flavored with Ghiradelli chocolate topped with a little foam and whipped cream.

Cafe Au Lait

Brewed coffee served with steamed milk topped with a small amount of foam.

Republic of Tea

Served hot. A wide variety of flavors to choose from.

Greek Coffee

Take a trip down Athens Avenue!

* Greek Frapp

Whipped Coffe Delight. Iced.

Iced Cappuccino

Just like our hot cappuccino with an icy twist.

Iced Mocha

Our famous Ghiradelli chocolate mocha over ice.

* Iced Toddy

Concentrated, sweetened coffee
served with milk. This is a real eye opener! Ask to
try it with your favorite Torani flavor or whipped

Iced Chai

A dreamy herbal blend. Only Iced

Italian Soda

Create your own flavored soda
treat! Great on a hot day. Try it with cream or whipped cream for a real creamy treat!

Republic of Tea

Served iced. Brewed fresh daily. Ask our barista for today's flavor.

Hot or Iced Cider

A refreshing treat.

Coffee By The Cup

Experience a rich cup of coffee with a slow pour-over.


The best blended mocha around.

GUARANTEED! All drinks are made with REAL ingredients.

Want something different? Add a flavor to any drink! Decaf available.

* Favorites.......... Breve Available!

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